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        EV Group
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        jackie cannon
        EV Group Europe & Asia/Pacific GmbH DI Erich Thallner Strasse 1 A-4782 St.Florian am Inn Phone: +43 7712 5311 0 Fax: +43 7712 5311 4600 , St.Florian am Inn, Austria, .
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        Our vision of "being the first in exploring new techniques and serving next generation applications of micro and nano fabrication technologies" enables our customers to successfully commercialize their new product-ideas. This ensures continuous effective development and economic stability.


        Our philosophy is invent – innovate – implement

        invent - There are no limits; only limiting thoughts.
        Always one step ahead, we push the limits and are at the forefront of setting new standards. We open new paths to the visions of tomorrow. With our equipment and processes, we constantly bring to market emerging applications and develop new technologies in partnership with our customers.

        innovate - Innovation is dedication and superior competence.
        Faster than others, we develop new technologies and processes through constant innovation and continuous improvement.
        Achieving the shortest time lapse between R&D and small-scale production is among our targets. We support our customers in reducing the time it takes to get their products to market. Our creativity and decades of experience enable us not only to meet, but also to outperform the most complex challenges of our customers.

        implement - Reliability is the demand. Consistently high, trustworthy performance is our response.
        Our equipment is designed for high volume industrial production. We implement cost efficient large-scale manufacturing technologies for new value-added products to supply our customers’ industries.

        As a reliable partner with a high degree of application know-how, we guarantee a high level of security through the optimized system performance of our certified process solutions. We counter the cost factors of uptime and throughput through our proactive approach, while ensuring the highest levels of performance and quality.

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